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Spring Palm Tree Care

Palm trees are some of the most exquisite plants on our green Earth. They remind us of kicking back in warm weather and enjoying a little vacation. Is it any wonder why more Spring homeowners are heading to their local nurseries, purchasing palm trees and transforming their yards into a tropical paradise that they access at their leisure?

And although palms are stunning trees, they can be very difficult to maintain. Luckily, Spring residents with palm trees on their property can ensure that their trees remain in good health with proper care from the certified, professional tree care specialists at J and J Custom Tree Service.

J and J Custom Tree Service has built a solid reputation of quality service thanks to our highly-trained staff, our state-of-the-art equipment and the belief that the customer always comes first.

Pruning Palm Trees

Caring for palm trees is rather simple—remove the dead fronds and old fruit stems. Easy, right? Well, it is if you know what dead fronds and old fruit stems look like. It’s even easier to do if you can spot problem fronds in the canopy that are blocking nourishing sunlight from other parts of the tree. And it’s especially easy when you have the proper equipment and training to get up to the canopy to prune the tree using techniques that are guaranteed not to damage it.

The ease in which J and J Custom Tree Service’s tree care specialists can prune your palm tree is why this is a job left to the professionals. We offer customers a wide array of pruning programs to ensure the long-term health of your tree. Simply give us a call at (936) 697-7847 and we’ll be happy to assess which one of our pruning programs we think will work best for you.

Additional Maintenance

Once planted, palm trees are very easy to maintain. However, just like any other type of plant, sometimes they require a little extra care.

The most important factor in a palm’s health is soil. If your palm tree has been planted in soil that is deficient in essential nutrients, we’ll be happy to fertilize the soil properly for you.

Palm Tree Removal

Palm tree removal is one of the hardest tasks a tree care specialist can be charged with. These trees are incredibly tough. They are so tough they often only bend in the face of a hurricane, which typically has wind speeds between 74 and 156 mph. Their sturdiness is certainly an attractive quality until they must be removed.

Amateur palm tree removal is never a good idea because you will be putting your property and yourself at risk. When you let J and J Custom Tree Service remove these uniquely shaped plants from your property, you are ensuring that the job is done professionally while respecting all safety regulations. We can also grind the stump if needed.

For all your palm tree care needs, J and J Custom Tree Service is at your service at (936) 697-7847.