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Palm Tree Care

J And J Custom Tree Service specializes in palm tree care. We provide a complete range of services to maintain your palm trees and keep them looking their best. Whether you need your tree pruned or replanted, you can take advantage of our quality services and top-tier tree care. With our help, your palm trees won’t just survive: They’ll thrive.

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Ensure Long-Term Health of Your Palm Tree

Taking the correct care of your palms goes a long way in terms of your tree’s overall health. J And J Custom Tree Service is the local team of certified tree care specialists you should call to maintain and care for your palm tree.

Many of those who attempt to manage their palm trees inadvertently damage them. When you contact our team, you choose a team that has taken the time to research your tree and has the years of experience to back it up.

You don’t plant palm trees just to enjoy them for a single season. You plant palm trees to reap the benefits of these wondrous, large trees for years—even decades—to come. With the help of our dedicated tree care professionals, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your palm trees won’t just survive—they’ll thrive.

Are you eager to learn a little more about our wonderful palm tree services? Get in touch with our team today and get in touch to see why we have so many satisfied customers.

An Experienced Team of Palm Tree Care Professionals

To some, tree care might look like a breeze, but to do it well takes the touch of an experienced and knowledgeable tree care expert. Many of our clients call us back for repeat services because we always have the correct answer to their questions. How do we know it’s the correct answer? Because of the results.

After assessing your tree and performing our tree care services, you will watch as your tree improves dramatically. Get in touch with our team to reap the benefits that a team of tree care experts can offer.

Trimming a Wide Variety of Palms

The palm comes in all shapes and sizes – we would like to assure you that we are experts in them all. So whether your palm tree stands tall or you have palm bushes, our palm tree care services will nurse them back to health or keep them going strong for years to come.

If you have questions about the state of your palm trees or palm bushes, please get in touch with our team today.

Keep Your Landscape Beautiful

There are not too many things that look as unkempt as an ill-maintained palm tree, and it happens quickly! If you have not had your palm tree trimmed for a year or more, the beauty of your landscape could be suffering.

Contact our team today for palm tree care and maintenance. It could be just what your landscape needs.

Professional Palm Tree Care Tips

As we assess your tree, we will be putting together some information for your safekeeping that will help you either know what to look out for in case of future problems or tell you all you need to know about approaching palm tree care yourself.

Contact the company to learn more about your palm tree.

Pruning Palm Buildup and Removing Excess Branches

Every year a palm tree completes its lifecycle, an entirely new group of palm fronds at work leaves the old ones behind. This lifecycle results in the buildup of excess palm and dead branches that need pruning.

As lifelong tree care experts, we are the team to call whenever your palms need pruning. Get in touch with our team today if your palms are full of dead branches. We look forward to helping you.

Your Local Palm Tree Expert

We’re proud to be the local expert in palm tree care. Our years of experience have given us the knowledge and ability to handle just about any tree care problem, from root rot to spotty growth.

Palm trees require special care to look their best. Only one palm—the California Fan Palm—is native to California. Other palms may survive just fine in California growing conditions, but they often need extra attention to stay green and healthy.

J And J Custom Tree Service provides comprehensive palm care services to ensure they do. Our time-tested solutions ensure your palms have ideal soil, water, and nutrition conditions so they can grow lush rather than brown. If you’ve had trouble keeping your palms in good health, look no further—we have you covered.

With our palm tree care services, you can expect:

  • On-time service
  • Friendly, courteous staff
  • Knowledgeable experts and thoughtful advice
  • Comprehensive maintenance solutions
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Complete Range of Palm Tree Services

We provide a complete range of services for all your palm tree needs. As a full-service arborist, we offer comprehensive care plans that give you all you need to maintain your trees. Irrigation, soil care, tree pruning—whatever you need, our skilled experts are here to help.

We have the tools and equipment to take on any job, be it big or small. Our personalized solutions ensure you get all the services you want with none you don’t. We offer both one-time and regular tree maintenance services, giving you a range of options that fit your needs, wants, and budget.

We can help with:

  • Palm tree pruning
  • Palm tree irrigation
  • Palm tree planting
  • Palm tree removal
  • Soil care
  • Pest control
  • Fertilization
  • …and more

We rely on rigorous inspection methods to provide a full assessment of your tree’s health. Our in-depth approach ensures a complete care regimen for your tree, delivering the quality care it needs to stay in excellent condition.

Superior Results from a Palm Tree Specialist

Palm trees are some of the most exquisite plants on our green Earth. They remind us of kicking back in warm weather and enjoying a little vacation. Is it any wonder why more Conroe homeowners are heading to their local nurseries, purchasing palm trees and transforming their yards into a tropical paradise that they access at their leisure?

And although palms are stunning trees, they can be very difficult to maintain. Luckily, Conroe residents with palm trees on their property can ensure that their trees remain in good health with proper care from the certified, professional tree care specialists at J and J Custom Tree Service.

J and J Custom Tree Service has built a solid reputation of quality service thanks to our highly-trained staff, our state-of-the-art equipment and the belief that the customer always comes first.

Pruning Palm Trees

Caring for palm trees is rather simple—remove the dead fronds and old fruit stems. Easy, right? Well, it is if you know what dead fronds and old fruit stems look like. It’s even easier to do if you can spot problem fronds in the canopy that are blocking nourishing sunlight from other parts of the tree. And it’s especially easy when you have the proper equipment and training to get up to the canopy to prune the tree using techniques that are guaranteed not to damage it.

The ease in which J and J Custom Tree Service’s tree care specialists can prune your palm tree is why this is a job left to the professionals. We offer customers a wide array of pruning programs to ensure the long-term health of your tree. Simply give us a call at (936) 697-7847 and we’ll be happy to assess which one of our pruning programs we think will work best for you.

Additional Palm Tree Maintenance

Once planted, palm trees are very easy to maintain. However, just like any other type of plant, sometimes they require a little extra care. Their soil needs to remain healthy, they need sufficient hydration, a significant amount of sunlight, and the surrounding environment should remain healthy, too. When the lawn begins to fail, pests and insects might start to take up residency on the property.

Maintain Healthy Soil

The most important factor in a palm’s health is soil. If your palm tree has been planted in soil that is deficient in essential nutrients, we’ll be happy to fertilize the soil properly for you. We offer a range of comprehensive maintenance services to keep your tree well nourished and in good growing condition. In addition to soil care, we offer irrigation, pruning, and a range of preventative measures to help your palm trees stay healthy. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our many maintenance services.

Pruning Your Palm Trees

Palm trees need more than water and healthy soil to really thrive. If you want your palm trees to continually flourish, you are going to have to invest in the tree pruning services of our team.

The palm tree pruning process is relatively straightforward. With proper pruning equipment, we remove the dead fronds and old fruit stems from the limbs and trunk of the tree.

When we remove fronds, we make sure to cut as close to the trunk of the tree as possible. Doing so ensures that the remnants of the leaf-base eventually fall off on their own. By removing these old fronds, more of the nutrients and energy can be directed to nurturing healthier parts of the tree, ensuring more growth and greater bounties.

Palm Tree Removal

Palm tree removal is one of the hardest tasks a tree care specialist can be charged with. These trees are incredibly tough. They are so tough they often only bend in the face of a hurricane, which typically has wind speeds between 74 and 156 mph. Their sturdiness is certainly an attractive quality until they must be removed.

Amateur palm tree removal is never a good idea because you will be putting your property and yourself at risk. When you let J and J Custom Tree Service remove these uniquely shaped plants from your property, you are ensuring that the job is done professionally while respecting all safety regulations. We can also grind the stump if needed.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

There are times when you might need to remove a palm tree from your property quickly. In times such as those, we are the ones to call. Our emergency tree removal services are preferred by individuals, families, and property managers alike—and for more reasons than one.

Day or Night Service

Sudden weather events or gradual decay can quickly turn a large tree into a liability. Problems might arise in the early hours of the morning or the night, but don't worry—any time is a good time to contact us. No matter the time of day, we will answer the call. In little time, we will be on site with all the equipment needed to restore order to your property. The job may require us to remove limbs, brace trunks, or completely remove every trace of the tree. No matter the case, we will surely impress you with our efforts.

Insurance Documentation for Coverage

Sometimes a toppled tree can wreak havoc on an attractive lawn. In instances such as those, you may wish to document the damage for insurance purposes. If you need further documentation or proof of incident, let us know. We are more than capable of assisting you in matters related to insurance documentation.

Complete Cleanup

No homeowner wants limbs and branches lingering all over their property. Being homeowners ourselves, we greatly understand this sentiment. Thankfully, we are more than willing to remove all the branches and debris from your property. We'll make quick and easy work of the cleanup process.

For Professional Palm Tree Care, Choose J And J Custom Tree Service

We’re your best bet for local palm tree care. Our team is professional, our prices affordable, and our services second to none. Palm trees look their best when you choose J And J Custom Tree Service to care for them. Our skill and expertise ensure the highest standard of care, all while saving you time, stress, and effort.

For all your palm tree care needs, J and J Custom Tree Service is at your service at (936) 697-7847.

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